Safer Technology.

Safer Data.

Safer World.


Now, more than ever, Canadian businesses are at risk.

Phishing attacks are endless, ransomware is increasing MULTIPLE HUNDRED PERCENT year after year and opportunists, foreign and domestic, are at the gates.

What are my risks?

What type of people are attacking my business? What do they want? How are they doing it?

What do I need to buy/implement?

What are other people in my sector doing?

Do I need Product X?

If you are asking any of these questions, you need to contact us.

Every business owner or CEO should know what cybersecurity risks are present in their organization and what steps will be taken to reduce those risks to an acceptable level - no matter what the size of the business.

Proven Processes, aligned with current best practices and standards


Timberwolf Information Security will take your business from a place of insecurity and unknowing and provide you with a prioritized plan of action and connect you with the technology, people, and processes to execute on that plan.

43% of Cyber Attacks are targetting Small Business, and 60% of Small Businesses fold within 6 months of a Cyber Attack.


The process to determine and mitigate cybersecurity risk is the same for small businesses as it is the enterprise, although they cannot afford to implement the same technology, people, and processes to mitigate as larger enterprises.

Our scaled-down SMB-targetted engagements lead to lower-cost mitigations tuned for small businesses without their own cybersecurity staff.

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